Villain Power Bank Portable Charger 20000mah

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  • Digital display
  • 20000mAh capacity
  • Qualcomm QC 3.0
  • 3 Inputs - 3 Outputs
  • UL tested & certified
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Quick Charger





– 18W USB-PD input (Type-C)
– 18W USB-PD Output
– Qualcomm QC 3.0
– Two USB, and Micro USB
– Digital display
– Included USB cable
– FREE pouch
– Great packaging
– Solid and nice looking design
– Quality value for the price


Competible with all iPhone models, iPads, Android phones, tablets or any other smart phones.


20000mAh Capacity
Six iPhone charges or five Galaxy S9 charges into your bag or pocket. That’s a whole week of charging without needing to plug into the wall.


Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0
Quick Charge is a technology found in Qualcomm SoCs, It offers more power and thus charges batteries faster than standard USB rates allow.


Type-C Input and Output
You can use this portable charger to power devices with USB-C / Type-C to cables, such as the newest 12 inch Apple Mac book, Nintendo Switch NS and all other devices with Type-C Port.


  1. Jorge

    There is nothing to dislike about this. It is compact, great quality, very sturdy feeling, great charge. It’s in the smaller side, but it is a quality personal travel charger. I really like the way it looks.

    Definitely would recommend

  2. Amy

    This power bank is powerful! I love that it can charge more than 1 device on a single charge. I take this with me when we go camping and keeps us powered up all weekend long! Highly recommend.

  3. Mark

    This is great for traveling, and you want to play games on a phone or tablet. It will keep your device going for a long time.

  4. Guram

    Villain is a brand I trust, I have used previous Villain power bank for about 3 years, once I saw new 2020 release I placed my order right away, I am glad I did, this 2020 version is absolutely incredible.

    This power bank has an OUTSTANDING set of features. Let’s review:

    – 18W USB-PD input (Type-C)
    – 18W USB-PD Output
    – Qualcomm QC 3.0
    – Two USB, and Micro USB
    – Digital display
    – Included USB cable
    – FREE pouch
    – Great packaging
    – Solid and nice looking design
    – Quality value for the price

    This power bank recharged my Pixel 3a more than five times, from zero to one hundred, verifying the stated 20,000 mAh capacity.

    If you found this review helpful in anyway, i’d appreciate it if you clicked on the ‘Helpful’ button. Many thanks!

  5. Collin Bartels

    Great powerbrick that provide a massive amount of power in a compact size!

    This powerbrick is fantastic! The product feels well made and has a nice finish across the entire unit. This provides a massive amount of power 20,000 mAh. I spent a day doing tests to validate their claim that it has 20,000 mAh. Starting from full charge and draining to a Pixel 2 XL that has a capacity of ~3,100 verified with AccuBattery current capacity (theoretical max is 3,520 in this phone, but it’s aged).

    After 1 full drain:
    Theoretical: 20,000-3100=16,900 (84.5%) — Actual: 83%
    2nd: Theoretical: 13,800‬ (69%) — Actual: 68%
    3rd: Theoretical: 10,700‬ (53.5%) — Actual: 53%
    4th: Theoretical: 7,600‬ (38%) — Actual: 37%

    That is how far I’ve gotten so far. I would say that this is holding it’s claim very well.

    This powerbrick also has a nice LED display that shows the current battery percentage. My other powerbricks just have LED indicators that show battery percentage, but this gives a nice LED readout.

    It provides a ton of different connectors, so any phone or electonic from different generations can charge from it. It has: USB C, 2x USB (one is Qualcomm quick charge 3.0), and lightning. So it doesn’t matter if you are using a new or old phone it will support your charging port and format.

    For the money, this is a solid product that actual delivers what it promises. I would highly recommend this product!

  6. Cathy

    I bought this power bank for my long trip I took by car. The quality is awesome, It has two USB ports and a digital display with an exact charge percentage.
    It comes with a USB cable to charge battery (input) or charge device (output) and a cute carrying pouch.
    It charged my Galaxy S9, my husbands iPhone X, pair of earbuds, portable blender and other items and still had enough power left. Remember, it’s a portable power and you have many options, charging anything with a USB port, anytime, anywhere.
    I think this is a device that every single person should have. It’s so convenient at home, outdoors, or during the travel.
    Definitely recommend it!

  7. Brittney

    This is a life saver. I never charge my phone at night, and always on the go, so my phone is always dead. This keeps my phone charged all day. The battery pack is really nice because it has a digital screen to show you how much battery is left on the portable charger. Other battery packs don’t always have this. It’s nice to know. When my phone is charged I put the portable charger back on the charger. It’s much easier to leave that plugged into the wall than my phone. We take it on long walks and bike rides too, Incase our phones are dying and we need it in an emergency.

  8. Aleksander

    Very sleek and high quality look.
    From the box that you get it in, to the product itself. They already come pre charged and have a digital display indicator that shows the percentage left on the battery charge. And to top it off it comes with the USB Type-C charger capability for most latest phones/tablets. There is also enough power to charge my iPad Pro which is usually not the case with most power banks. To top it all of it comes with 1 year manufacturer warranty, which is always great. Ive tried many power banks over the years and this one is like having a car charger in your pocket.

  9. Erin

    What’s not to like. Charge up multiple devices on the go. warranty and the design is excellent!
    The power bank does not feel clunky, uneven or made of cheap materials. The outer finish is sleek and has a nice smooth texture that feels durable with a level of scratch resistant. The ports are strong when plugging in device cables to charge the devices and the included mesh padded carrying case is a nice complement to a sophisticated engineered power component.
    If you are looking for mobile charging power in your professional career or for on-the-go status in general, this is the product to have to compliment your needs. Huge battery life! Charges smartphones to full capacity quickly.
    Great gift idea for those looking for convenience.

  10. Jay

    I had the last version of this power bank but I broke it. I tried to reorder but it was out of stock, possibly discontinued. I loved that power bank so I reached out to Villain to see when will it be back in stock. I was informed of the new version and I wasted no time purchasing. So glad I did. I think this version is better. Its smaller and well built. It charges well and it charges up quick itself. I’m happy with my purchase.

  11. George

    I really like the cool look of this device, it’s very well designed. It’s a bit heavy but has a premium look.
    I use it at work, it keeps my Galaxy S10+ charged while working. It charges quick and lasts for days. The battery life Is awesome, very powerful.
    The LED charging indicator is very helpful compared to the flashing dots that other devices have. It. It charges my phones at normal speed. I love the fact that it can charge two devices at the same time.
    Very happy with this purchase. It’s durable and does the job perfectly.

  12. Peter

    I have been using this for almost 1.5 weeks and have not had to recharge yet. I charge my phone about once every 2 days and this still has juice left! With 20,000 mAh, this is the perfect power bank to take on trips or to use for emergency. IT charges VERY fast and I get a full charge within 40 min with a pixel 4XL. Charging the power bank initially did not take very long either. The power bank itself is very sturdy, did not get hot, and charges fast both ways!! I definitely recommend this. INEXPENSIVE ALSO!

  13. Brandon

    The design of this power bank is sleek and has a kice matte finish. The LED shows the percent remaining in the bank which is super useful. I am able to charge my Google Pixel 3a about 3 times which is fantastic. The fast charging feature works great and I use a USB-C cable. Overall, this was a great purchase and would but it again. I will definitely be taking this on trips and outdoor activities.

  14. Kyle

    I am very happy with this portable battery. It charges very quickly with USB C and can be charged with lightening cable as well. It is capable of quick charging both my wife’s and my phones with no problems. It is a bit heavy so if you are planning on putting it in a pocket or purse you might want something smaller but it works great in my backpack.

  15. Megan

    Purchased this recently given the sheer amount of power it has. Although it’s on the heavier side, the product itself works wonders! It can charge multiple things at the same time, charge multiple items before it runs out of juice, and charges them very quickly.

    I’d definitely recommend for someone looking for a reliable power bank!

  16. Edward

    I was a little hesitant to order this, but I am definitely glad I made the decision to do so. I had a 10,000mAh charger, and it recently stopped working properly, and needed to be replaced. I found this, lower priced that some of it’s competitors and with a digital display. It comes with a charger cable, will charge with either microUSB or USB-C charger, and has a genuine fast charger port. I charged my Galaxy S10 from 28% to full battery, and still have 81% left (thanks, digital display) My favorite parts though, were the fact that it came FULLY CHARGED, with a carrying bag and that it is not much larger in size than my old one with half the capacity. You will not be disappointed with this purchase!

  17. Nick White

    I’ve had a lot of power packs from different brands, I can say that this is probably one of the best ones I have ever used!
    The battery life is phenomenal! I wish I could say how many things I could charge off of a single charge on this thing, but honestly, I don’t remember because I forget to keep track.

  18. Scott

    I am in LOVE with this power bank! It came pre-charged, ready to use right out of the box!! The LED display showed it was at 97%!! I also love the versatility in how you can charge it. You can charge it with the included micro USB cable, a USB-C cable, or even a lightning (Apple) cable!!! Definitely recommend!!

  19. Mary

    Just got this a few days ago to use on camp trips and it charges my powerful usb flashlight and my galaxy phone enough to get me through the weekend!

  20. James

    Great power bank with an LCD screen that shows you how much power it has left. Charges really fast too (and multiple devices!). Going to be really great for trips this year.

  21. Peter

    Awesome power bank!!!! I loved the screen that shows power . It can charge on the same time multiple devices. If you have road trip soon I would highly recommend it.

  22. Kent

    I have used this charger multiple times and each time I’m impressed with it. This charger is very sturdy and well built. It’s high capacity allows you to charge phones many times without needing to recharge the charger itself. Overall, a great purchase!

  23. Angel

    The 20000mah is great as this thing lasts forever. My devices now have the battery life of more than 24 hours

  24. John

    Absolutely 5 star, for work travel best thing what you can have with you, I don’t have to think anymore about to charge phone somewhere every time to make sure is gonna be enough for my work, 8 times I can charge my phone, none problems ,fast and comfortable, you can charge your phone and work without thinking to not go far from the wall, everybody should have one !

  25. Joseph

    A very well built portable charger! Not overly bulky in size, and super powerful (it charges my phone to 100 percent in maybe an hour, and it uses about 19% of the chargers life). I like that it tells you your battery is left in it till you need to recharge. I would definitely recommend to a friend:)

  26. Nicole

    This is a great portable 20,000 mAh battery charger. It’s heavy, as expected being that it has such a large battery but this is super helpful to have such a big battery capacity to power up all my various electronic services .

  27. RJ

    Very good quality, at very affordable price. It feels well made and sturdy and it simply does a great job

  28. Samantha

    I love this charger. I love how it shows the percentage that the charger has on the outside so you always know and can keep track of when it needs to be charged again. Charges my phone very fast and can charge multiple devices at one time.

  29. Bob

    I like this battery pack since it has several outputs, which is perfect when traveling with my family and friends. It is smaller than my old 20k Mah power bank, though the weight is the same. I like the digital display of the battery level quite a lot and will surely recommend it to others!

  30. Dominik

    I bought this for my husband and I am glad it arrived right before we had a storm and we lost power. Everybody in the house has a power bank now. He is very happy with it and said it charges fast, is efficient and also stylish.

  31. Kerry

    its a little heavy but it does its job that much I can tell you!

  32. Denis

    I love every Villain product I have purchased.
    I bought this power bank to replace my last power bank that I lost in my travels this is by far essential for anyone who travels or is a heavy phone user.

  33. Shane

    I was very happy with the size. Most 20000mah packs are huge. Charges my iPhone at full speed. Pack charges at a reasonable speed. Is great for couch charging. Would recommend.

  34. Kat

    I bought this power bank for my long trip I took by car. The quality is awesome, It has two USB ports and a digital display with an exact charge percentage.
    It comes with a USB cable to charge battery (input) or charge device (output) and a cute carrying pouch.
    It charged my Galaxy S9, my husbands iPhone X, pair of earbuds, portable blender and other items and still had enough power left. Remember, it’s a portable power and you have many options, charging anything with a USB port, anytime, anywhere.
    I think this is a device that every single person should have. It’s so convenient at home, outdoors, or during the travel.
    Definitely recommend it!

  35. Larisa

    The best portable charger ! High recommendation ! I’ll bye one more.

  36. George

    I have a collection of power banks from different brands, I also own previous version of Villain power bank and I love it.

    A few things I appreciate about this Villain charger versus those others I own:

    – Unlike other 20000mah power banks, this one is smaller and very compact size.
    – My Motorola smartphone has 3000mAh battery and I was able to fully charge almost 7 times. [Legitimate 20000mAh capacity]
    – The surface of the power bank is like 3D printed, feels good and looks fancy.
    – It never gets hot or warm.
    – The package it comes in is neat and very professional.
    – It also comes with carrying case.

  37. Oleksandr

    I bought 3 of these portable chargers for myself and for gifts and everyone loves them.
    I would recommend everyone to buy more than one , it’s the best and very sturdy

  38. T-Mish

    I love the fact that the % of power is a numeric display rather than a series of lights. Much easier to tell the remaining charge. External battery looks very well made and attractive packaging!

  39. Michael

    Great battery life. This power bank gives many charges

  40. Natalie

    Charges a phone as desired. Easy to read battery life. Portable charger is decently heavy so not something to have in your pocket all the time.

  41. James

    Good size for the capacity. External battery comes with a mesh carrying bag and A to Micro USB cable. The bag will hold a few other short length cables too. Type C PD output will “fast charge” my S10+ and also charges my MacBook. Charging the battery takes a while which is expected given the capacity.
    No complaints with this battery, works well and is a good price. With so many devices moving to USB power nowadays, this are very useful! I actually used this to power a Raspberry Pi in a remote location for some datalogging. Can’t have too many USB power banks!

  42. Joey

    This portable charger is going to be great during hurricane season. We always seem to lose power for an extended period of time and wind up having to charge our phones/tablets in the car. Is sturdy and well made.

  43. Denys

    I love every Villain product I have purchased.
    I bought this power bank to replace my last power bank that I lost in my travels this is by far essential for anyone who travels or is a heavy phone user.

  44. Jacob

    This is a great portable charger. It’s the first one I’ve come across that has a digital life display. It is a bit heavy but it’s got a super long life which makes it worth it.

  45. Ben

    I love this external battery:
    1. You can see how much power you have left, before you need to recharge it.
    2. Really fast at charging.
    3. Lot’s power to charge
    4 Worth the money.

  46. Kevin

    This portable charger is freaking awesome!! I was able to get 2 and a half charges on this with my galaxy s10plus!! Super sturdy and looks very cool with the digital screen!

  47. Sergei

    Excellent power bank! The quality of this power bank is outstanding. Finally a power bank that will last for long. I recommend this product.

  48. Tia

    This external battery is amazing!!! It charges things very quickly!!!!

  49. Ryan

    I’ve used this brand before and I’m sticking with it. The external battery life is great, I don’t have to recharge it all the time compared to another brand I’ve recently used. A few things I like about this one are the extended battery life, the digital display showing how much life is left, and I can charge multiple devices at once. Normally I don’t need to but it’s a convenient option when you’re with friends!

  50. Michael

    I bought this for the hunting season. Finally got to use it today. This thing does what it’s supposed to do. I charged it up last night and my phone has kept a charge all morning since using this. I’m happy with the battery pack.

  51. William

    I keep this portable charger in my car so if I’m out and about, I can take it with me to charge my phone and other gadgets. So far, I’ve used it at the park and at my Mom’s house (she doesn’t have phone chargers) and barely 10% has been used. I could probably go about three or four weeks before it goes down to zero at the rate I use this thing. Nice.

  52. Debby

    I own two other portable batteries from different companies. This one is the best I own. I can recharge my phone over two times what the other batteries will do. The other thing that is great is the charge remaining meter. I don’t have to guess how much power is left. Love it!

  53. Josh

    Great power bank for my adventure. The villain is a life saver! I can use it to charge my phone while i do hiking maybe up to 5 times but i never need to do that.(iphone use a lot of gps and fitness tracking). It stays for couple days. there is time capacity display. 2 ports, so you can charge 2 devices at a time. It’s pretty weighted and bulky for me but I’m okay with it since the material is good, strong and seem to be very durable. It comes with carrying bag. Good quality. Great product.

  54. Alex

    Surprised by how well built this power bank feels. Looks like a 3D printed case. It’s made in China but works well as a power bank. What’s nice is the many different kinds of inputs(the usb 3.0 and the usbC) being the better parts. This thing is beefy, came in at 419g. A lot of positives. Nice perforated carry case comes with it and a 1 year warranty card. Negatives- The supplied cable it comes with is a bit mediocre, the amount of time it took to get it too 100% full charge after i first depleted the battery was a bit overbearing. After it reaches 80% from then on it seems like it will never get to 100% but it eventually does. So the supplies cable will work…. slowly. I have a USB 3.1 -USB C cable that i will use to charge the power bank, and this works much better as it as a much higher Rating(20V @ 5Amp) and also Much better for data transfer if your phone uses this connection point. For me, it’s just to use as a much better charging cable. Other than that, the device feels very well built and I’m happy with it.

  55. Wesley

    I have purchased many different portable charges in the past as I typically travel on a frequent basis. I have tested out more expensive Mophie chargers which are almost double the price of this charger. I would highly recommend this portable charger to anyone who needs additional battery life while on long commutes. It is rather heavy, so it’s best to be used while transiting somewhere like a plane, bus or car. Would definitely recommend to friends and family!

  56. Bryan

    I’ve had a million portable chargers. All of them got their pros and cons. I am pretty happy with this one because for starters it can charge my iPhone XS Max 4 times all the way to 100%
    You can also charge 2 devices at the same time which is great when you are with friends. I love the digital screen that tells you how much power the charger has. Those things should be standard in every portable charger in 2020. At the price, I would definitely recommend

  57. John

    I’m very impressed with this power bank. My Galaxy s9 gets about 6 full charges per cycle! The digital battery readout is a nice feature, there’s no second guessing how much juice you’ve got left. I’m thrilled that it’s a USB C plug instead of the antiquated micro USB, I only need to carry one cord. It’s a bit heavy, but that’s to be expected with the capacity of this thing. Its construction is decent, but it’s difficult to say how it would fare in a hard drop test. I feel like its weight calls for a slightly denser shell. Two thumbs up for the bang-to-buck ratio.

  58. Amber

    Love this power bank. Another success amazon thank you!

  59. Eric

    This power bank feels well made, and comes with a nice pouch and has a nice finish across. It is a massive power of 20,000 mAh. I have a whole bag of power banks because to power my video shooting work. This power bank is solid and easy to use. It comes with a nice LED display that shows the current battery percentage. Other power banks just have LED indicators that show battery percentage, but this gives a nice LED readout. It provides options for different connectors and simultaneous charging. It has USB C, 2x USB, and lightning. For the price, this is a solid product that delivers what it says. I would highly recommend this product!

  60. Megan

    This is a really good portable power bank charger. If feels well made, is high capacity @ 20,000 mAh, & supports both 18W PD & QC 3.0. I like the fact that it supports 3 types of inputs, Micro USB, USB C, & Lightning, & 3 outputs, USB A 3A, USB A QC, & USB C PD, ports. You can use the multiple output ports to charge multiple devices simultaneously. The LED display is really nice & convenient & displays the charge status of the battery pack & charge status. It comes with a USB A to micro USB cable. It would be nice if it came with a USB A to USB C cable instead. Overall I would recommend this portable power bank charger.

  61. Michael

    the heft of this bank is nice. Giving it a sturdy feel. Charged up with ubs c fast charge and used to power up a s10+ and a 10inch tablet so far no issue. Will update in a few months of use

  62. Jacob

    Worked as advertised, feel sturdy in your hand. Really like the battery display and option to charge using my iPhone charger. Still testing but so far so good.

  63. Monquese

    Great product

  64. Calvin

    Phone battery charged 50 points but the charger went from 96 to 93. Powerhouse

  65. George

    Just received so review is only first impressions. Appears to be reasonable quality. Well packaged. Appears to charge fairly fast. I like htaat it is USB c capable. Will update in future after having opportunity to use it.

  66. Ernest

    I like the fact that this power bank has usb and type C inputs and charging ports with the added 3.0 fast charger to get your phone or tablet topped off really fast. This is a very good quality power bank. I like it a lot. I highly recommend this product.

  67. Axel

    I like it

  68. Meny

    Ok for the price

  69. Joshua

    I just opened the product package, I haven’t used it yet i press the digital display button and it came out at 93%. Its got weight to it,if paperweight had an illustration this would be it. Um I wish I had at least a month to come up with a solid review. It looks great and came with a nice fish net like bag to keep it in and a short USB cable. I hope it last

  70. Liza

    Love the convenience of spare power for phone,ear buds and Kindle. Use them at work on an eleven hour shift. Occasionally forget to recharge during down tim. Love the Villain POWERBANK, have plenty of power for all three. Works so well sent one to my brother!!!

  71. Gianni

    This battery is HUGE, can almost charge my Sony XZ1 Compact from 10% to 95% 10 times before it depletes. It also supports multiple device charging which is a huge plus, coming from another battery bank that wouldn’t do that. This thing is a handsome device too, I love the textured feel on the front and back panels and the battery level LED readout is a new MUST HAVE for any future battery bank I buy (which will probably be years away from today given the quality of this thing). If you were expecting a small portable battery, you might be disappointed, this this is about 2x as thick as my XZ1 Compact and a fingertip longer. They do make a smaller more portable battery pack as well which you can find on their website, note that it has half of the capacity as this monster, so you wont be achieving that Emperor Palpatine capacity of power. Overall this thing is a STUD of a device and if you’re on the fence about it, go ahead and make the purchase, you wont regret it.

  72. Benjamin

    I owned several other portable charger, but only this one does true fast charge. It usually takes over 3 hours to fully charge my Samsung Note 8 with other portable chargers, but this one only takes 1.5 hours. The genuine Samsung wall charger (with adaptive fast charge) fully charge the phone in 1.5 hours, so this one matches.
    For 20000mah charger, its size and weigh are acceptable.
    Definitely recommend this to my friends.

  73. Penelope

    I will be using this for charging my iPhone XR, and my iPad Pro. It had a 95% charge on it when I received it, and it takes a quick charge

  74. Yitzchok

    I love this villan powerbank. It is the only reliable powerbank I’ve ever owned and is super powerful. Worth every penny!

  75. Nora

    I love the display that shows the current battery percentage. Its a little bit heavy for me but I like the style and it comes with 1 year manufacturer warranty. Also it comes in a very nice box. May be a nice gift for someone .

  76. Holden

    My original review advised that Villain required customers provide feedback before you can register the product for their 1 year warranty. My review of the product itself was and remains 5 stars, I have found the product fantastic! With my original review posted Villian immediately reached out to me and thanked me for bringing the issue to their attention. I am MORE THAN impressed with their attentiveness to the feedback they receive as well as their sincerity in responding. They have earned my repeat business just in their customer service alone. Thank you Villian

  77. Jhon

    That feels heavy duty and the packaging was great

  78. Fred

    Supports Multiple ports

  79. Harry

    Extends my battery life for my camera while I’m using it

  80. Jeriel

    Tried 2 other brands prior to this one and they both failed and were returned.
    This one is compact and the fast charge works great


    Very good power bak for outdoor activities. The design is compact and it comes with good finishing. It can charge my iPhone full within 40 mins and able to use 4x time. Pretty happy having this product!

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