Villain Bluetooth Sport Headphones

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  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Deep Bass
  • Clear Sound
  • 9 Hour play time
  • 1 year warranty
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Dance to the beats with our high clarity stereo headphones – Villain earbuds offer an incredible balance of style & performance at an excellent price.


Villain earphones are powered by 10 mm composite drivers. The ultra-elastic outer ring produces deep bass and a lightweight and flexible composite Bio-Cellulose dome delivers midst and highs with enhanced clarity and pumps you up for the workout ahead.


Up to 9 hours of listening (at 80% volume) gives you the power and motivation to fuel over one week of workouts. When you’re in a rush, a 10-minute charge will provide you with up to 2 hours of continuous playtime.


IPX7 Rated, Villain earbuds are ideal for intensive workout. Push yourself during your workout without fear of sweat and rain damaging your earphones.


With Amazon Prime you can get these sweet headphones with one day delivery and 1 year warranty by Villain.

  1. Adam

    My grandson wanted apple air pods, these are so much better for what he really needs, glad I came across them, the former as way over priced in my opinion and he ended up loving these

  2. Randy Rowen

    By far the best workout Earbuds you can buy “for the price”. It paired first try within two seconds with my iPhone 11 Pro Max. Love the fit, comfort & sound. If you looking for a small workout earbuds for a great price you should consider Villian.

  3. Gis A. Bun

    Sound is fine. Once in a blue moon drop outs.
    User guide is limited. Lacks something as simples as how to change the ear buds!

  4. Ann

    This power bank works great and is comfortable to wear.

  5. Jennifer Kelley

    I bought these to replace old favorite air buds that died a few months ago. Best. Purchase. Ever. I’ve been using these airbuses for the last 2 or 3 weeks while working out. They connect easily to my Bluetooth in my phone. The sound is great and they don’t hurt my ears while wearing them at all.

  6. Lauren

    these headphones came sooner than expected and works really well. Great quality no complaints so far

  7. Anthony Cassidy

    Better than expected! Battery lasts me about 12hrs. Great bass, very loud. They stay on fairly well. My ears aren’t huge so they are a little big but for the most part they stay on well!!!! Highly recommend!

  8. James

    Love Your People and Your Customer Service

  9. Nako Grillett

    I have been through many other sets of competition in the market. The balanced not to heavy weight on top of this design makes it so conferrable paired with the best clear audio, makes this by far the best set of ear audio I have come across. A must buy if you are very active person working up more than just a sweat and like your ears to stay on after jumping off a ladder from a roof top onto an accelerating car that flings you into a ditch before rolling into the storm drain dumping you out off a mountain side and sticking the base jump.

  10. Lisa

    Much nicer than I expected. They work well and charge easily. I’ve been using them primarily with an IPad, but have tried with my phone too and work well. They are comfortable, and I have small ears, so was concerned about that. They take just a bit to put them on, but once on they stay in place securely. The sound quality is good too, and the controls are easy to navigate.

  11. Mary

    When an unexpected issue came up with my headphones (VERY unexpected, as this is my second pair and nearly a year old), a single e-mail resolved it, with the first reply coming within an hour. Can’t recommend this crew or their products enough. Here’s hoping that as time goes on they expand the product line so I can shop somewhere trustworthy.

  12. Tony

    Omg these are GREAT! I was expecting really bad sound quality and they are even better and louder than Apple headphones with great bass! Noise canceling and all. These are GREAT!

  13. George

    I really like how a little bit of volume is really loud, the cables aren’t too long, battery life is decent and does give multiple warnings when the battery is low. For the price, you’re getting really good quality headphones.

  14. Steve

    Excellent so far. No issues at all

  15. Michael R Easter

    music listening great performance

  16. Gregory Wilson

    They’re very comfortable and great sound. I will recommend this product.

  17. Zuck

    I have been using these on my daily 4-7 mile walks. They are more comfortable and secure than my earbuds. Would highly recomend these!

  18. Eugene Lee

    Very nice. A combination mp3 player and FM radio. I use a plugin earphones, but, you can use a wireless earphone connecting with bluetooth.

  19. Ann Morales

    The instruction booklet is easy to read but instructions to pair with device could be more specific. Initial pairing with device instructs you to hold down MFB for 3 seconds with buds “ON”. This turns off the buds. After a few tries, I finally took the set off my ears and looked for the flashing blue/red lights on the right ear bud. When I saw this, I turned on my Bluetooth setting on phone and saw the light turn blue, which means paired successful. Only had set for 2 days. Can’t review battery life. They sound great and I used the noise cancelling eartips. We’ll see how water resistant they are. So far, great purchase for the price.

  20. Sandra

    I LOVE the battery life on these! Having only used wireless earpods before (which usually only have a 3-5 hour battery life), I was seriously impressed by how long these lasted. I definitely got the full nine hours of usage. I videochatted with my friend for over an hour, took a two hour hike listening to an audiobook, and watched Netflix for a few hours. I used it again the next day for a few hours, and it was only towards the end that it reminded me to recharge. I would highly recommend these to people who like to hike all day and don’t want to get tangled up with cords, or deal with constantly recharging earpods.

    Initial impressions:

    For working out, I don’t need the highest quality sound possible–I need something that will stay put when I’m jumping around. I made the mistake of buying tiny Bluetooth earbuds last year, and one of them popped out when I was on the treadmill at the gym. I searched everywhere for it and couldn’t find it (think it got swallowed up by the machine). That was an expensive mistake!

    These stay firmly in place no matter what kind of activity I’m doing–and there’s also no risk of losing them like I did my earbuds. It does a decent job at blocking out outside noises (like if you snap your fingers while music is playing, you can’t hear it).

    As for sound quality–the base is surprisingly decent, and overall I’m pretty impressed. It does sound slightly more muffled and less sharp than my professional headphones, but that’s what I expected for exercise friendly earbuds.

  21. Jimmy

    Sounds great. Good price. Happy with these.

  22. Kathy

    Great product now I can go to the gym and jogging with a Good sound system and great battery 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  23. Victoria Lazo

    I recently ordered these looking to replace my old bluetooth wireless headset. Already liking them better. Going to be using these at the gym from now on.

  24. Alex

    These are really good earbuds that I’d recommend to anyone. they are inexpensive and well worth the price.They are extremely easy to pair, not difficult to understand how to work them. When I wear them at the gym the outside sounds do not bother me, you can hear the music. Fits snug and comfortable in my ears. Pairs easily.You can change the size of the rubber bud so you shouldn’t have a problem fitting your ears.very good quality sound.

  25. Nicole

    Great headphones. They are sleek. Fit well. And produce nice sound. I am happy with my purchase.

  26. Patrick

    Just got these and I love them already 😍
    I have tried many different headphones, trying to find the right ones for me, so far so good 😊

  27. Alex Robinson

    Update 3-5-20: the manufacturer claims up to nine hours battery life. Not for me and not sure what the factor is and why I clearly get less. BUT – it still more, much more, than suits my needs. I’m guessing, and this is a guesstimate, I’m getting about six hours before getting the “low battery” voice alarm. So 2/3 the manufacturers claim. Kinda like car lot mpg claims – never as good but about what you expected. Second, I was asked if the low battery voice alerts exists and if it’s effective. Yes and yes. Today was the first time I got it.

    I just received these and will update my review if things changed.

    So far, great! I was reluctant to buy wireless ear buds for exercise at this price point as I wondered … why? If apple or whoever charge $175-200, how good can these be? Great so far.

    Sound is great and yes, the bass is noticeable. All percussion instruments come through nicely in general. That will be nice for my workouts. I can’t compare these to other wireless as these are my first but the sound is way way better than the standard Apple wired buds. Def will suit my needs.

    I initially had difficulty pairing device but after rebooting my phone, it connected immediately. UPDATE: no problems pairing at all since.

    Ear fit is good. They hook into the ear at an opposition angle than some old (wired) exercise buds I had but after feeling like a dummy for a few tries, they slide into and around the ear nicely and are comfy.

    So far – great sound and function for my needs and especially at this price point.

  28. Carl

    I have trouble with headphones staying in my ears when working out so I’ve had a couple pairs of the ones that hook over your ears. These do a great job of staying in while running or jumping or other workout activities. The sound quality is pretty good too for the price. It’s easy to recharge, holds a decent charge as well, and is comfortable to wear. Pretty good option if you want headphones that won’t fall out of your ear when doing physical activities.

  29. Alex

    Like it! Thank you!

  30. Moe Shuja

    I’ve had these about 2 weeks. So far I am pleased. They meet my needs for a day on a single charge for off and on listening during my commute, work break and gym time.

  31. Jey

    Very happy that I purchased this one.. recently bought a MP3 player and I wanted to have a wireless earphones to go with it for my running and got this one.. easily able to connect with my phone and MP3 player… and this is very helpful since my ordinary Apple earphones get off from my ear all the time and this solves the problem… am all set for my running yay!!

  32. Leticia Molina

    I got these for my son to use for his tablet, they were easy to connect and he said the battery life is great! Different sized earbuds were very useful too. I am happy with these!

  33. Ted Yuan

    Like it Lightweight and sound good

  34. Alice

    I was amazed on the sound and clarity especially for the price. They perform as advertised!
    I had issue with them not turn off after wearing them everyday for 6 months. I contacted them about the warranty and they resolved it immediately. Couldn’t be happier!

  35. Mayra Serna

    These earbuds are really well made and I get a lot of use out of them. They are strong and durable and made with really good material. They look cool and work very well, the sound is superb and these earbuds fit great. I am really happy I got them, they are perfect for working out. I totally recommend the Villain X6 Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Earbuds.

  36. Jane

    Wanted a pair of headphones for the gym and on the ski hill that were inexpensive and removed the guilt/fear or forgetting them behind or breaking. Great sound, comfortable and battery seems long lasting.

  37. Dan Siba

    Super cool case and I love the red

  38. Luz Cruz

    Like everything

  39. Luke

    I needed a new pair of headphones and finally took the leap away from using cheap 5 Below ones. These have been worth it thus far. The headphones come in a very sleek compact case, which I appreciate as they’re easy to take around. The Bluetooth setup was done within a minute, so simple to set up. They give you extra earbuds in the case as well, which is a nice bonus. They fit over my ears perfectly and feel comfortable. The sound quality is sharp and clean. I was able to learn how to operate phone calls w/it through relative ease. The set looks good, works swell, is easy to carry, and that’s all I want in a Bluetooth headphone, so 5*s.

  40. Chuck Moon

    very good at work or working out

  41. Damini

    Aweasome sound and quality

  42. Nathan

    These ear buds by Villain are evidently the newest model they have out (2020)and I have to say, the sound is pretty darned excellent! These are the Villain X6 Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless with a microphone. The bass is crisp, clear and strong. They say they’re waterproof, but I see no need to test that by going in swimming or the shower with them. It is good to know that sweat or rain won’t ruin them, though! They’re comfortable and they stay put through a high level of activity.
    9 hours of listening! And I’m kind of amazed that you can get 2 hours of play time on a 10 minute charge! These are superior to many and worth the price, I recommend them!

  43. Patrick

    Super comfortable and they stay on during my hardest workouts! Sound is incredible! You won’t be disappointed!

  44. Joan

    It stayed in my ear.. I used it to work out at a heath connection.

  45. Rhonda Enna

    Bought for husband to wear at work. He likes them and they seem to work good so far. Fast delivery and item as described.

  46. Kim

    Niece pair of earbuds with good bass sound quality.

  47. Eugen Cravcenco

    For work just perfect, you can talk at the phone or just enjoy your music while you’re doing something,nice fit and just perfect for a lot of movement, the range of Bluetooth is impressive, you can leave you phone more than 35 feat from you, really fair price for the product and really good device

  48. Alexey nikolaev

    Very lightweight, comfortable. Strong base sound. Fast Bluetooth connection. Long lasting battery life.
    Very happy after all.
    “Villain” does the job.

  49. Vasil Ivaniuk

    Great headphones! Took them for a run and they stayed put all of the time. The sound is great. Will definitely recommend if you are looking for good headphones.

  50. Kortney

    These are 100% way better than i ever thought they would be. The Bass is the first pair of headphones that make my EarDrums vibrate…I max out my beats and cant hear them at the gym. You wont have that problem with these. These also seem to be high quality rubber around the ears and ear pieces. These also suppress sound better than beats. There are 4 different sized ear pieces 3 normal ones and a pair of foam one that are really different from anything ive ever seen. If you really dont wanna hear things like mowing grass put those on. All around $34 for a great pair of wireless headphones is a deal you cant beat. Im buying a 2nd pair just incase they go up in price!

  51. Sergei

    I bought this headphones because my AirPods and AirPods Pro can’t give quality bass. If you run or do work out In a loud place: you will not regret this purchase. I recommend this product to anyone.

  52. Ben

    These bluetooth headphones have everything I’m looking for from a product like this. The sound quality is good for the price. The battery life lasts all day. And people can hear me clearly over the microphone. The headphones connected to my phone easily and stayed connected. The set charges using an included microUSB cable and there’s a carrying case that you can use to store the headphones if you want.

  53. Shelley

    These are pretty decent quality for the price. The bass could be a bit stronger, but it’s not bad and they fit in the ear comfortably.

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